Surfing in South Beach, Miami, Florida USA

Skill level:
Advanced and professional
Best tide movement:
Rising and falling tides
Miami is a gifted with tropical climate cosmopolitan city, located on the Atlantic coast. As it is considered to be America's top class resort city, with vibrant nightlife and endless international cultural happenings as well as top sport activities and events, Miami is a global destination for the outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

The city is a must for water sports as it provides easy access into endless sandy beaches with sparkling waters. South Beach is located in the southern part of Miami beach and hosts lots of space and big waves, ideal for endless surfing fun.

The type of the wave is beach brake, taking both right and left directions and the size of the swell starts working from 1.5 m/5 ft and holds up to 3 m/10 ft and more. When the wind is coming from North, it gives some good and fast hollow waves.

South beach is a very popular destination for both local and foreign visitors, so it is ultra crowded all the time. When the winds are high, surfing is suitable for advanced and professional surfers only. During the easy days, there are schools where you can take lessons, if you are a beginner.