Mountain Biking in Sintra, Lisbon, Lisbon and Coast Portugal

Duration of mountain bike tour:
2 hrs 30 mins
Sintra is located near Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. It has become a major tourist center, visited by people from all around the world, especially from those who need a romantic getaway. Sintra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its 19th-century romantic architecture and landscapes.

Sintra is dominated by precipitous mountains and fascinating forests. Moorish castle and Pena palace are one of the reason to visit Sintra. Discover the beauty and mystique of Sintra with a mountain bike ride through forest, mountain and littoral ways.

Sintra mountain has good trails and lovely paths to mountain bike. You can explore Sintra from a bike saddle and you’ll have the chance to see the treasure that is hidden in the woods. The bike tour lasts approximately 2 hours and a half, full of adrenaline. Sintra also is a picturesque city, so you can easily enjoy a scrolling around. The city also provides a big selection of bars and restaurants as well as a big variety of accommodation options.