Skate Boarding in Kettering Skate Plaza (DC Skate Plaza), Kettering, Ohio USA

Kettering is a suburb of nearby Dayton and belongs to both Greene and Montgomery Counties, Ohio, USA. Geographically it is situated in northeast Ohio.

Kettering is the birthplace of a very unusual skate park, according to today’s knowledge, the Kettering Skate Plaza aka DC Skate plaza. This project was designed and was in thoughts of many people for several years, before it became a living dream.

This park opened its “gates” in 2005, and offers about 40000 ft²/3716 m² of street skateboarding incorporated with urban elements, such as ledges, rails, stairs, curbs and street courses. Kettering Skate Plaza unlike most modern skate parks, resembles a public square in a city or town.

The park’s elements incorporate art and landscape to create a multi use park, very pleasing on sight. The skate park is concrete and in good condition, so please be very careful while using your skateboard, in order for this skate park to remain in such a good condition. You can practice your favorite sport and have fun with your friends at any time, as this amazing skate park never closes!!!

Sometimes and all year round, many events are organized by local skate shops or others, offering a fascinating show of skateboarders literally on air!!! DC Skate Plaza is the perfect place to just skate, so don’t miss this incredible opportunity.