Mountain Biking in Zig Zag and the Corolla, Kalamunda, Western Australia Australia

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Zig Zag and the Corolla tracks in Kalamunda, at 40 km/24 mi in the east of Perth, is one of the most challenging circuit spot for mountain bikers. The spot is named after an abandoned rusted corolla car on the trail. The spot is suitable for advanced skills riders of mountain bike, who are keen to get a spare nail in their tire.

For those who prefer to avoid such a fuss, they can do a roll over. Zig Zag is appropriately named. The Zig Zag and Corolla spot, shaping a loop, can be ridden easily from which you can end up to the Little Oven circuit. The end of the track, on the eastern side of Gunjin road, is now a conservation area.

Riders are invited to respect the state attempts to control this and they are requested not to enter the area on bike. Take Gunjin road up the hill and once you arrive at it, you can get onto the Corolla trail from the top of the hill.