Ziplining in Louisville Mega Cavern, Louisville, Kentucky USA

70 ft / 21 m
Louisville is the 28th most populous city in the United States and the largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is also since 2003 the nominal and historical seat of Jefferson County. The city of Louisville is gifted with many recreational parks and other places ideal for total entertainment of both locals and foreign visitors.

When hearing about the activity of Zip lining you imagine that you gently soar above a green landscape and admire stunning views. This description of zip lining is not addressed to thrillseekers. What will definitely delight thrillseekers is the experience of Zip Lining in the unique spot of Louisville Mega Cavern.

Here is where the total sense of excitement will gain ground! In Louisville Mega Cavern we are talking about the experience of Underground Zip Lining. Sounds pretty exciting right? And it is!!! Just let the public lose your footprints and enjoy yourself in an utterly different way. Louisville Mega Cavern has something for everyone.

If you don’t want to zip line you can just take a tour and learn some interesting information about the cave. But if you want to meet the challenge, Louisville Mega Cavern offers 6 zip lines and 2 bridges. Beneath the city of Louisville, in this cave of epic proportions, you will find more than 17 mi/ 27 km of underground passageways.

While you are at the height of 70 ft / 21 m above the cavern floor, your friends or the team of Louisville Mega Cavern will take some crazy photos of you. These photos will be the evidence of the existence of the world’s exciting underground zip lining!!!