Mountain Biking in Camp Manatoc, Peninsula Village, Ohio USA

Trail length:
8 mi/13 km
Opening schedule:
Once a year
Peninsula is a village situated in Summit County, Ohio, USA. It is part of the Akron Metropolitan Statistical Area and its exact location is in the middle of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This unique park provides a source of tourism to the village. On its east side, Peninsula is bordered by Boston Heights.

Near Peninsula mountain biking enthusiasts will have the time of their life on an awesome Mountain Bike Track, the Camp Manatoc trail.

Usually, this is the place where the Big Valley Race is being held and the course is not open to the public. This amazing trail only opens once a year for a weekend, in order for the race to take place and then public is allowed to ride it.

The specific track is totally worth waiting, as it is a technical heaven with lots of singletrack, steep short climbs and steep short descents. If it is muddy, due to rain, it is even more challenging, so be cautious about broken wrists and crashes as they happen a lot. The trail is 8 mi/13 km long and offers a lot of fun, speed and technical parts especially to intermediate mountain bike riders.

It is highly rated between mountain bikers, as it gets 4 out 5 points in range. If you find yourself in the area on the weekend that the track is open, it is well worth checking it out and enjoy a thrilling race as a spectator or even ride on your mountain bike this rushing course.