Racing in Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Ohio USA

Road racing circuit:
1 permanent
Primary configurations:
Track's length:
2.4 mi/3.8 km - 2.25 mi/3.6 km
15 - 13
Lexington is a village situated in Richland County, Ohio, USA. It is near Mansfield and part of the Mansfield-Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Area in central Ohio.

In Lexington lies one awesome, comprehensive, motorsport facility, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. If you are a drag racing enthusiast, this is the arena you wish you were driving or even watching a thrilling race as a spectator.

During the years of operation, many races have been taking place, countless events and charity races. This arena features a permanent road racing circuit that has 2 configurations. A 2.4 mi/3.8 km track with 15 turns, the Mid-Ohio Track, that has fiercely challenged the world’s top drivers courage for over four decades.

The other track is a 2.25 mi/3.6 km track with 13 turns circuit. The park line is a 300 ac/1.21 km² complex, which is home to Mid-Ohio School. The school offers innovative, exciting and entertaining automobile programs, always in a safe environment, which maximize riding and driving time, developing at the same time the skills of participants.

Now is your time to experience what makes this road course so demanding, siting on the drivers seat!!!