Mountain Biking in Kulani Forest Network, Hilo, Hawaii USA

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Lava rocks and moss
Kulani is a mountain located South of Hilo district, Hawaii. The nearest places to Kulani forest are Na Lua Mahoe, Pu'ulala'au natural area reserve and Upper Ola'a Forest reserve.

With tropical rain forest climate, Kulani forest is a place of unique natural beauty, ideal for mountain exploration, with ferns, huge tropical and eucalyptus trees, lava rocks and moss covering the terrain. It is a popular mountain bike spot with single track trails for all skill levels and an abundance of miles to cover.

The forest roads are all marked with signs and you can choose any of the single tracks that branch out and discover new places. There are though some rough parts that require attention from the rider. In the town of Hilo, there are shops that you can buy or rent mountain bike equipment, as well as maps with the trail roads. Accommodation, apart from the town of Hilo, for those who wish to stay on the mountains and enjoy the majestic rain forest, can be found at Volcano Village, which is 28 mi/45 km away from Hilo.