Paragliding in Edgewater Park, Cleveland, Ohio USA

Take Off GPS Coordinates:
41.4873 N, 81.7477 W
Landing GPS Coordinates:
41.4876 N, 81.7439 W
3 mi/5 km
Best season to fly:
March to November
Cleveland is the most populous city in the state of Ohio and the county seat of Cuyahoga County, United States of America. It is located in the northeastern Ohio right on the southern shore of Lake Erie, only 60 mi/97 km west of the Pennsylvania border.

Cleveland is a very big city with many fun opportunities, such as parks, where you can enjoy a nice walk with your friends and family and observe scenic views. But if you are a more extreme type, you can always try extreme things inside a park, like in Edgewater Park, where you can enjoy a nice paragliding flight.

Both take off and landing take place on the shore, but not at the same spot. The area is ideal for soaring, but it is not good at all wind directions. So if the wind is blowing from the southwest, it is supposed to be bad for this location. The wind is moving at a maximum speed of 8 – 10 mph/12.87 – 16.10 kph inland and 15 – 18 mph/24.14 – 28.97 kph on coast with smooth winds.

Best wind direction on site is north, north-northwest, northeast, east-northeast and north-northwest. If you wish to try paragliding, the best time to do it is between March and November with the best months being May to August. The flight can be amazing, due to the beauty of this breathtaking picturesque scenery, but it can also be terrible and horrifying when flying with the wrong weather conditions.

So please make sure that you will contact a local pilot, before you start your flying adventure. Keep in mind that in order to fly in Edgewater Park, you need to have a flight intro from a local pilot. This spot is known between paragliders since the 70’s and many flights were accomplished after this time. Be a part of the spot’s history and fly with your own paraglider!