Mountain Biking in Barking Frog Loop, Houghton, Michigan USA

1.60 km / 1 mi
Ascent - Descent:
+ 10.97 m/36 ft - 10.36 m/34 ft
295.66 m / 970 ft
287.73 m / 944 ft
Houghton is in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the largest city of Copper County. It is also in the list of the “100 Best Small Towns in America”. Houghton is surrounded on the east by Portage Township and Pilgrim, on the south by Hurontown and Isle Royale Location and on the west by Dakota Heights. The area is ideal for varied winter as well as summer sports, such as ice hockey, snowmobiling, hiking, sea kayaking, sailing, mountain biking etc.

Upper Peninsula is one of the most dominating places for biking. Barking Frog Loop is one of the many biking routes in Houghton. It hangs far of Hairy Toad Loop and has a natural rocky surface, yet it loosens a little, opening up the corners and concluding in grasslands. Then it descents into cedar woods and crosses a wet woodland on a series of narrow boardwalks, with one of them curved, before returning to Hairy Toad Loop.

It is flatter than Hairy Toad and that’s why it is considered as a great start for this kind of riding. You can just ride out on the Isle Royale ski trail, which crosses Frog right near its start and finish. So for all the mountain biking fanatics, Barking Frog Loop rides nice both ways!