Paintball in Michigan Tech Paintball Club, Houghton, Michigan USA

Field type:
Outdoor, Reball
Experience :
Beginners to Advanced
Hours of operation :
Saturday 11AM-6PM, Sunday 12PM-5PM
Houghton is the largest city of Copper County. It is also in the list of the “100 Best Small Towns in America”. Houghton is surrounded on the east by Portage Township and Pilgrim, on the south by Hurontown and Isle Royale Location and on the west by Dakota Heights. The area is ideal for varied winter as well as summer sports, such as ice hockey, snowmobiling, hiking, sea kayaking, sailing, mountain biking etc.

Do you like running around wearing camo and shutting paint? Then you must definitely be a paintballer. Though it is one of the safest sports -in fact it is considered to be safer than golf and bowling according to insurance companies- paintball can make your adrenaline levels run really high. Whether you want to play with your team mates or you are looking for new friends to start paintball, the Paintball Club at Michigan Tech University Field is the right place for you.

Being the oldest, collegiate, non-profit organization in Michigan, the Paintball Club at MTU aims to provide the least expensive paintball experience not only to its students, but to community members and paintball lovers in general. You can bring your own equipment or use one of the many sets of equipment that Paintball Club offers.

As for the cost? Anyone is allowed to play in public tournaments, but members enjoy the benefits of discounts on paint, they can order their equipment at amazing prices through the wholesale discount accounts of Paintball Club, get free CO2 fills and play in the NCPA tournaments. If you visit Houghton, take the time to stop by for an open play.