Mountain Biking in Vallnord Bike Park, Pyrenees Mountains, Andorra

Skill level:
Advanced and Professional
Best Season:
June to September
Andorra is a small country located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains in Southwest Europe. Despite its size, Andorra's geography and location offers some of the top outdoor activity destinations in the Pyrenees.

The climate is a combination of alpine and continental which means that there is a lot of snow during winter while  summer is cool with many days of sunshine. Covered with mixed forests, rugged mountains, rivers and narrow valleys, there are endless winter and summer activities for the nature enthusiasts.

One of the top mountain activities that attract people from all over the world is the Vallnord bike park. Professional mountain bikers come to experience one of the biggest and most updated bike parks in Southwestern Europe during summer. The park provides with 11 downhill routes with various technical difficulties, including the official circuits of the ATB World Cup and the UCI MTB World Cup. The spot is equipped with lifts, leading you and your bike at the top of each route.

There is a lot of space for cross country rides with very demanding and difficult trails, turning up to be a real challenge for the riders. The spot also offers bike trial areas with different levels to practice and train in an amazing natural environment. Because of the many mountain bike competitions taking place in the park, especially the World Cup, one of the best and official constructors of all the four cross world cup circuits, Briton Phill Saxena, has designed an extreme circuit that can be modified and improved, according to each race.

Last but not least, the park also provides with the Wood Park circuit, a trail designed from experts through dense forest and mountain terrain, to satisfy the most demanding and expert mountain riders. The trail includes many jumps and footbridges, along with steep single-tracks and narrow turns. Not convinced yet? Add all these ingredients plus the fantastic wild nature around you and you are instantly transferred to the mountain bikers paradise. This adventure should not be missed!