Mountain Biking in Outer Limits Loop, Houghton, Michigan USA

2.4 km / 1.2 mi
Ascent - Descent:
+ 79.85m / 262 ft - 78.63m / 258 ft
Houghton is located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and is considered to be one of the “100 Best Small Towns in America”. The city’s culture and cuisine were influenced by the European immigrants, who reached the area to work in the copper mines. Houghton, due to its location, offers to visitors many recreational moments and a grand variety of sports including hockey, snowmobiling, hiking, mountain biking and climbing.

Outer Limits Loop begins very near to Tech’s main trailhead, at Time Trial Loop. It starts smooth, with a gradually meandering course along the Deadman’s Creek, but as soon as you cross the creek at the ski trail, its descent quickly deepens.

At the Keweenaw Fault, the trail passes through the gorge, created by the rips and falls through some shaded rollers above the creek on the steep hill side. It continues rolling furious and fast and you can catch a breath at the ski trail, before you dive into the ravine; take a sharp right turn and finally get to a moderate downhill plateau.

As you pedal along the gorge, you will face several rollers, a dip, a small lip and difficult bermed turns. Along the Peepsock Creek, the trail rolls more gently and crosses the ski trail, before it begins its extended climb and leads back to the main trailhead. Outer Limits Loop guarantees fun and excitement!!!