Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Vall de Nuria, Girona, Catalonia Spain

Hiking trails:
Over 100
The mountain resort of Vall de Nuria is located in the Eastern Pyrenees of the municipality of Queralbs. There is no road leading there, only by train or the old footpath - mule track. Enjoy the spectacular mountain landscape using an unusual transport, the rack railway.

Vall de Nuria (The Valley of Núria) is a south opening valley, coming down from the crest of the Pyrenees within the municipality of Queralbs. According to legends, Saint Giles hid in a nearby cave a holy image of the Virgin. Vall de Nuria ski resort is accessible by the rack railway, or by foot. Temperatures vary from 8°C/46.40°F to 24°C/75.20°F with July being the warmest month.

There are more than 130 trails in the area for every level and length. A nice known trail is from Nuria to Queralps passing by Ulldeter. It’s a 25 km/15 mi, moderate trail with a total of 9.32 hours moving at a normal pace. Must visit is the Ulldeter refuge at 2220 m/7283 ft. Don’t forget to take the path to the Sanctuary of Nuria. It’s a 4.5 km/2 mi moderate trail through the alpine mountain terrain, the extraordinary climate full of flora and fauna, the valley and it’s artificial lake near the sanctuary.

At the resort, you can find a variety of services like picnic zones, children play park area, exhibitions, a sanctuary and an auditorium, restaurants and cafes. Visit the local club, meet other hikers and organize excursions to the wild. You can buy all your equipment from nearby stores.