Extreme Hiking / Hiking in LeFleur’s Bluff State Park, Jackson, Mississippi USA

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"Jackson, Mississippi: City with Soul" is the current motto for the notorious capital of the U.S. state of Mississippi, which sits atop the Jackson Volcano. Located at the southern border of the Mississippi Delta, Jackson is the capital as well as the largest city in the Mississippi state. The total area of 277 km²/106.95 mi² was inhabited by the Choctaw Nation for thousands of years before European encounter.

Famous for its music, including Gospel, Blues and R&B, with many notable musicians stemmed or gotten inspired by the city of Jackson, it is the perfect place for a mixture of culture and recreation. With its downtown attractions, historic market and annual events, the city of Jackson can be a place of interest for any visitor.

Recreational trails can offer the best view of Mississippi’s sunsets, waterways and leaves fall. If you are fond of hiking, you will enjoy the Jackson’s trails that travel you to hills, valleys, small towns and nearly anywhere you want to go.

You can enjoy the natural sights, sounds and wildlife of Mississippi. Le Fleur’s Bluff State Park is full of pine forests, rolling hills and coast lines waiting to be explored. Its trails are for every skill level, as they vary from steep hills and thick forests to coastal plains and open areas. The trails offer different type of terrain and you can experience action and adventure, enjoying Mississippi’s fresh air, sunshine and natural allure.

The Purple Trail (0.49 mi/0.79 km) is the longest trail in the park and it passes by the store at Mayes Lake, being the only stop on the trail system with restrooms. The Blue Trail (0.36 mi/0.58 km) is steep in parts with some boardwalk steps and platforms. It connects the red and green trails. The Red Trail (0.32 mi/0.51 km) is described as being the trail that is “most natural”. The Green Trail (0.21 mi/0.34 km) provides access to a scenic overlook. The Yellow Trail (0.16 mi/0.26 km) is the shortest trail in the park with some boardwalk decking.

Visit Jackson and the Le Fleur’s Bluff State Park to gain some unforgettable memories of your favorite activity, hiking!!!