Scuba Diving in La Molina, Girona, Catalonia Spain

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Alp 2500 is a complex of ski resorts in La Cerdanya, Catalonia, in the Pyrenees mountains of northeastern Spain. It includes the two towns of La Molina and Masella, whose two respective ski areas are joined to form Alp 2500.

La Molina is a ski resort in the municipality of Alp in Girona. The temperature is about 1 to 17°C/33.80 to 62.60°F throughout the year, with February being the coldest and August the warmest month. At the area of Cerdanya, it has been going on a great new activity, diving at high altitude like lakes, caverns and even ice diving.

Cave diving is an extreme sport evolving scuba diving in mountain lakes always with the company of a qualified instructor. Mingle among skiers wearing your scuba gear, take the lifts to the lake, and after your dive, ski back down. There are four artificial lakes located at between 1700 m/5577 ft and 2300 m/7545 ft, with a depth down to 15 m/49 ft. Depending on your expertise, you can dive at a certain depth for 40 or 50 minutes.

La Molinas lakes are perfect for beginners. It’s an activity where safety comes first, due to high mountain altitude and the lake depth. Whether the lake is frozen or not, there are organized dives for groups or individuals. Minimum age is 10 years old,  and don’t require any previous experience. Training schools and qualified instructors will teach the beginner everything is needed for this kind of activity. There is also a big variety of services like playrooms, cafes, and mountain huts in the area.