Cross Country Skiing in Candanchu, Huesca, Aragon Spain

The area has:
3 circuits
The peak is at:
Candanchu is a ski resort located in the Pyrenees mountains in the north, near the borders between Spain and France. The area used to be a military camp of the French Angevin dynasty and it was named "Camp d'Anjou". The temperature varies from 2°C/35.60°F to 19°C/66.20°F throughout the year, with January being the coldest and August the warmest month.

The spot provides three circuits of 2.5 km/1.3 mi, 5 km/3 mi and 7.5 km/4 mi in length respectively, all for beginners as well as experienced skiers.

These tracks are offered both for training and for competition throughout the season. The tracks run through places of great beauty, including the slopes of Loma Verde, La Zapatilla, Ciudad de Piedra and the Puerto Viejo valley, which borders with the National Park of the Pirineos Atlánticos.

Furthermore the spot offers 6 chair lifts and 18 ski tows with the first lift being situated at 1500 m/4921 ft. The peak of the resort is La Tuca at 2400 m/7874 ft. There are a lot of shops, training schools and clubs in the area where you can buy, repair or even rent your equipment.