Mountain Biking in El Ejido, Almeria, Andalusia Spain

Off road route:
Sierra de Gador
El Ejido is a municipality of Almeria province, in the autonomous community of west Andalusia. It lies between the mountain range of Sierra de Gador and the Mediterranean Sea. Neighboring municipalities are Dalias and Vicar, Berja and Roquetas de Mar.

El Ejido enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters (12°C/53.60°F) and hot summers (28°C/82.40°F). Rainfall is low with wettest months December and January. Wind strength is about 3-5 Bft with April reaching more than 5 Bft.

El Ejido is quite known in the area for its routes, either inside the El Ejido, traveling at suburb area biking sideways the road lanes, or the long seaside  routes. Many mountain trails for the nearby mountains have starting points at El Ejido.

Famous event is the El Ejido Mountain Bike Marathon Trail which passes through the Sierra de Gador, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. It’s an annual event (counting many marathons so far), with a lot of mountain bike clubs and known bikers.

Known routes: Penas Negras to Atajuelos, at pavilion of Ejido, around 25km/15mi with medium to high physical difficulty. Same difficulty level at 30 km/19 mi is the Sierrecilla route. You can also travel between nearby areas like Celin – Antenas – Chanata – Felix – Bernal (quite difficult routes). A nice route is from San Agustin with first stop at Almerimar beach, through Matagorda or Guardias Viejas to Balanegra beach, it’s a nice seaside trip, quite easy, to know El Ejido and its surrounding area.

Don’t miss the natural park of Punta Entinas – Sabinar trail. Organize your trip at the annual mountain bike marathon, visit area clubs and plan mountain bike trips at the area of El Ejido.