Airsoft in Roquetas de Mar, Almeria, Andalusia Spain

Group teams:
Roquetas de Mar is a municipality, located in the west of Almeria province. It is the most popular town of Almeria, with direct coastal access to the Mediterranean Sea. It was once a traditional fishing town, but now is a low key tourist resort town, designated as a National Tourist Amenity since 1967.

It is called the sunniest region of all Europe, with more than 3000 hours of sunshine every year. Roquetas de Mar enjoys a Mediterranean sub-tropical climate, with temperatures from 16 to 30°C/60.80 to 86°F, and June through September being quite warm months (26 to 30°C/78.80 to 86°F). The terrain is generally flat, low above sea.

Airsoft is a team sport in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched via replicas. Combat simulations at Roquetas are organized for celebrations, business or friends gatherings. Organize your team, equip with the right weaponry, make historical reenactments, war scenarios, skirmishes and all type of warfare tactics. Get yourself in various scenarios, choose your team and defeat your opponents!

Make your operation center in the surrounding area of Roquetas or Agua Dulce. There are many fields in the wild, or abandoned installations to set up your scenarios. Organize airsoft trips to nearby area, get in touch with teams, associations and clubs. Meet other players, choose your territory, and get ready for the next battle!