Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Annapurna Circuit Trail, Besisahar, Nepal

Top elevation :
Best hiking season:
September to October
Hiking duration:
15 to 20 days
Skill level:
Intermediate and advanced
One of the most magnificent places on earth is the Himalayas mountain range. And one of the best treks on the planet is the Annapurna Circuit trail. Located in central Nepal, Annapurna massif hosts six major mountain peaks of over 7200 m/23620 ft altitude while the highest of all stands at 8091 m/26545 ft above sea level.

The entire area in and around the mountains is the largest conservation area of Nepal and home to many exciting hiking trails, such as the Annapurna Circuit. The trail starts from the northern end of the Besisahar village and the complete circuit is about 1864 mi/300 km long.

The hike usually takes between 15 and 22 days, leading you through breathtaking landscapes with waterfalls and rivers, gigantic mountains and cliffs, the deepest gorge in the world, the highest lake in the world and the longest pass in the world. There are many small villages on the way, providing you with food and accommodation and it is a good way to get to know with the Tibetan culture, food and way of life.

The top elevation of the trail gets at a height of 5416 m/17769 ft while crossing the Thorung La pass, between Manag valley and Kali Gandaki river. One of the many amazing facts while trekking the Annapurna Circuit is the climate and scenery variations. From rise fields and subtropical forests to arctic temperatures, glaciers and snow, well walked paths and steep sections, hanging bridges and high mountains, all nature around you is unspoiled and overwhelming.

The trail is not technically a demanding one and anyone with a good physical condition is up for it but beware of high altitude. Once you reach Manag, you will have to cross Thorung La pass and that will take you at least four to five days, so acclimatization is one of your most important concerns and challenges.

Be very well prepared in regard to gear and don’t carry unnecessary clothes or items other than a pair of good hiking boots, socks and layered clothes. Himalayas and the Annapurna Circuit trail are definitely a place of tremendous beauty beyond words, a spiritual journey that is more than just another hiking adventure.