8-21 November 2014 ALL DAY

Circuit Trail Race in Manaslu Summit

Manaslu Summit Altitude:
8156km/26759mi – 8th in the world
Trekking Style:
Tea House
Trekking Altitude:
5100m/16732ft + Pass
Race distance:
Manaslu Massif, located in the Western Region of Nepal is lying in the Mansiri Himal in Gorkha District, close to Annapurma. Since 2012, it is conducted the Manaslu Trail Race one of the most challenging and demanding running race.

The Manaslu Trail Race  is held after the monsoon period, in November during a period that can be the most exciting 14 days of your life! The route contains approximately 40 stop-overs and 4 camps. The race starts at Arughat Bazaar in Gorkha District and ends in Besisahar in Lamjung District.

''Manaslu Trail Race 2014''

The Race follows the Budhi Gandaki River banks from the thick forest of the hilly land to the passes over 5100 m/ 16732 ft, over-crossing the Annapurna region. The pristine mountainous life, the untouched landscape, the ancient glaciers, the temples, everything in Manaslu remain authentic.

''Manaslu Trail Race 2013''

The challenge is big but Manaslu will pay you back every drop from your sweat! Don’t miss the experience, don’t miss the call!!