Kayaking in Kali Gandaki River, Western Region, Nepal

River Grade:
Best Period :
October to December & March to May
The Kali Gandaki River is the principal river system in Nepal and the main tributary river of the great Ganges in India. The river springs from the Nhubine Glacier in Mustang Himal in an altitude of 6268 m/20564 ft. The Gandaki River crosses the Nepali land from Tibet to India throughout the imposing peaks of Annapurna and Dhawalagiri massifs, creating some of the best conditions for white water kayaking worldwide.

White water kayaking in Gandaki River is a lifetime experience. The great Gandaki, the most important river in Nepal, is navigable only in its lower parts. Throughout its journey, changes shape from very narrow and extremely steep to more wide and feasible carving gorges, pools and waterfalls. Close to its springs, stands the famous Kali Gandaki Gorge, considered to be the deepest in the world.

White water kayaking in Gandaki River is very demanding with many challenging moments, offering you a truly unique life experience. You can explore the river from different starting points. The most frequent ones are through Trisuli River, if you are based in Kathmandu, or from Nayapool Sadak point if you are based in Pokhara. The water temperature ranges, however it remains low.

The Kali Gandaki becomes wide and twisted, once it reaches the Nepali plains with strong rapids and the powerful mass of water of its waterfalls requires very good physical conditions and skillful handling. Going down the river the breathtaking panorama changes from the mountain to the hilly landscape until one reaches the Terai Land, nearby the Chitwan Natural Park close to the Indian borders. In return, suspension bridges, ancient temples and rural villages are the silent viewers of your efforts.

Kali Gandaki River is aged much more before Everest peak or Himalaya massif. Don’t forget to treat it with respect!