Dog Sledding in Riksgränsen Ski Resort, Kiruna, Sweden

Distance sledded:
15-40 km / 9-25 mi long per day
Best time to visit:
Until May 5
Arctic Circle tours:
Riksgransen ski resort is located in Kiruna Municipality, Lapland, Sweden. The spot is located at 200 km/124 mi in the north of the Arctic Circle and in the vicinity of the Norwegian borders. The spot is considered to be the ultimate destination for snow fans since the spot is Sweden's longest snow covered location.

Riksgränsen is Sweden’s most legendary ski resort with lifts operating from February to midsummer. Visit the spot on May, a period of the year where sun almost never sets down. The temperature until April is below zero, reaching in -20°C/-4°F, with January and February being the coldest ones. So be prepared for extreme weather conditions on your way to dog sledding. 

You can start with an introduction training session of dog sledding in Sweden, followed by short sledding trips. This way a beginner will get in touch with the dogs, learn to handle them, and finally how to sled. There are many organized trips between the two ski resorts (Riksgränsen and Björkliden) to the nearby area like the Kårsavagge, an 8 km/5 mi trip, or the week tour to Saltoluokta (more than 300 km/186 mi trip).

The multiple day trips are always accompanied by an expert guide of the area, and taking refuge and spend the night in log cabins or tents, if needed. The dogs usually cover 15-40 km / 9-25 mi long per day, crossing the magnificent white wilderness of the frozen flatland’s  mountains and lakes of Kiruna. During your journey you will meet many animal species such as wolverines, reindeers and the rare Artic Fox.

At the ski resort the Alaska trapper tour starts daily from 10:00 – 12:00 until May 5. Keep in mind that the tours start from the Björkliden ski resort, and your departure time from Riksgränsen is at 09:00. Riksgransen resort has many services available like training schools for avalanche, cafe and restaurant, medical facilities and resting areas.