Caving / Spelunking in Lake Shasta, Redding, California USA

Way to reach the cave:
By catamaran and then bus
Temperature :
Constantly at 58°F/14.4°C
Lake Shasta Caverns is located in northern California, east of Interstate 5 along SR89, between Mount Shasta city and McCloud city, California, USA.

Lake Shasta Caverns is inside Shasta – Trinity National Forest. Mount Shasta is the second highest volcano in the Cascade Range. One of the things you should not miss doing at Mount Shasta, is paying a visit at Lake Shasta Caverns and live the unique experience of caving.

It is magic to explore this underground miracle, being here for thousands of years and waiting for daring travelers to explore it. At the beginning, you will get there with a beautiful colorful catamaran, that crosses the lake on a 15 minute sail on lovely blue water, surrounded by the majestic mountain vistas.

Then a 30 passenger bus will take you to the top of the lake, more than 800 ft/243.8 m of the surface. The view there is magnificent. The location of the caverns is 42 mi/67.6 km south of Mount Shasta city, on I-5 or approximately 20 mi/32.1 km north of Redding. If you want to explore on your own, there are a few caves north of Mount Shasta.

You have to bring your own equipment such as flashlight, sturdy shoes and a lot of water. It is highly suggested, when you go caving, never to be alone and always bring extra batteries and water.

Some of the guided cave tours are Shastina Lava Cave or Barnum Cave and Pluto’s Cave. Humidity level in caves is 95% and the temperature is constantly at 58°F/14.4°C. Best time for caving (with a guide) is from April to Labor Day.