Canyoning in Cetina River, Zadvarje Village, Croatia

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Distance covered:
Water temperature:
15°C - 19°C/59°F - 66°F
Best season :
Spring to late fall
Cetina is one of the richest in water quantity rivers in southern Croatia, with a total length of 63 mi/101 km. Situated in a rich in flora and fauna region with lush forest, waterfalls, lakes, high cliffs and crystal clear water, Cetina River is of great archaeological and historical importance and has a variety of activities to offer to the outdoor enthusiasts.

As the river flow starts from an altitude of 1263 ft/385 m and runs into the Adriatic Sea, it forms a 164 ft/50 m high waterfall close to Zadvarje Village and within a few miles away southerly to Split, called the Gubavica Falls. This place sets the best scenery for canyoning in one of the greater adventures that Croatia has to offer.

The adventure starts at Zadvarje Village where you can directly enter the amazing canyon with cliffs that reach a height of up to 600 ft/182 m and start exploring your surroundings. The deeper you go into the canyon, the louder it gets the sound of the water. You now walk through rapids and sub terrain tunnels. If you wish to move to a more advanced level and find out what canyoning is really about, you can choose to descent the waterfall with alpine ropes from a height of 190 ft/58 m.

This activity is suitable for all with no previous experience necessary. The best season to visit the river is from Spring to late Fall when the water is in its full force and nature is overwhelming. There are many ponds and small lakes where you can swim as well as a wide variety of rocks in various shapes and height where you can jump off in the crystal clear waters of the rivers. Gear is provided on the spot from the schools, operating in the area. The only thing you need to take with you is a pair of non slippery shoes and your good mood. Prepare to get wet and have a great day in the beautiful untouched nature of Cetina River in Croatia!!!