Canyoning in Falls of Bruar, Blair Atholl, Eastern Scotland United Kingdom

Maximum Foot Abseil:
Highest Jump:
Blair Atholl is a picturesque village situated at 10 miles/16 km away from the small town of Pitlochry, in the Eastern Scotland. These two places have an easy access to Falls of Bruar. Canyoning at Falls of Bruar is another exciting experience, provided in the Cairngorms National Park.

Falls of Bruar constitute a series of waterfalls on the Bruar Water in Scotland. This place provides a great natural formation, which is ideal for the canyoning adventure. It is an impressive, really steep canyon and this is not a coincidence.

The rock has been hewn since millions of years. The adventure starts easily by a beautiful walk through the woods. From the entry point and during the whole corridor, you will get the view of the gorge. Nice jumps down the water falls, jumps into a beautiful plunge pool are only some features of this canyoning route. The way down through the gorge is made by using jumps, slides and chutes, assisted lowers and gravity. The highest jump is at 12 m/40 ft and the maximum foot abseil is at about 36.5 m/120 ft.

Falls of Bruar canyoning is about the insane or the really brave, encompassing many challenges. So, you should be sure that your abilities are for grade 5. It is best suited to groups, aged over 16 years old. Generally, you will need a swimming costume, a towel and a pair of trainers that will get wet. It is usual for the schools to provide with the appropriate buoyancy aid, helmets, ropes etc.