Rock Climbing in Anica Kuk Mountain, Paklenica National Park, Croatia

Skill level:
From F4 to F8-
Top elevation:
Best season:
May to September
Climbing style:
Big wall, traditional climbing
Paklenica National Park is a river canyon, formed by soluble rocks dissolution and is located in the south slopes of Velebit mountain in northern Dalmatia. A truly amazing natural scenery awaits for the visitor as the park is home to two impressive canyons, limestone vertical cliffs, caves, beautiful valleys and an abundance of flora and fauna.

As it is a paradise for nature and outdoor enthusiasts, the park is one of the most visited destinations in Croatia for a variety of sports and activities. The spot hosts more than 124 mi/200 km long of hiking trails and paths leading to various locations and over 360 equipped climbing routes for all skill levels and climbing styles.

Anica Kuk is one of the most famous peaks for both local and foreign climbers and offers more than 120 multi pitch routes, ideal for big wall trad climbing. The top elevation of the crag is at 1312.3 ft/400 m and it faces Northwest. The hardest route of all is Brid Klina and contains a completely overhanging section at 984 ft/300 m high, that would challenge even the most experienced climber.

Other famous routes include  Mosoraski, Velebitaski, Enigma and many more. No matter which route you choose, once you reach at the top of the mountain, the incredible views over the canyon and the area around, will take your breath away. You can climb Anica Kuk all year round. However, because winters tend to be cold and wet, the best season to visit is from May to late September, where you can enjoy the blooming nature in spring and the amazing colors of the leafs in Autumn.

Note that there is an entrance fee at the gate of the park and no camping or fires are allowed. Climbers should take with them 10 to 15 quick-draws, a 60m single rope, helmets and a full rack of friends and wires for the multi pitch routes. Be brave and challenge your limits!!!