Backpacking / Trekking in Folois Forest, Hleia, Peloponnese Region Greece

4 Hrs
Minimum Age:
6 Yrs
The plateau of Folois nestles at the southwest foot of Mount Erymanthus, in Hleia. Its name derived from mythology and the king of the Centaurs, Follo, friend of Hercules. Folois forest, with the unrivaled natural beauty, is one of the largest oak forests in Europe.

It spreads over an area of 42000 ac/170 km² and is the only oak forest in the Balkans. In this amazing forest scenery, the visitor can follow one of the countless trails through the unspoiled nature, discover the most well hidden treasures and admire the rich flora and fauna.

Follow the trails of the Centaurs, come across beautiful springs and waterfalls and encounter harmless animals and birds. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the region and you will feel that you live in a different era, away from the crowds and stress. It is an excursion that lasts about four hours and the meeting point is at Folois plateau. The trek is considered to be relatively easy and is appropriate for people of all ages.

Note that, there are also routes with medium and high difficulty, that will satisfy the more adventurous trekkers. It is advisable to bring water, hat, and raincoats with you. If you wish to explore the endless green, then this activity will definitely reward you!