Quad Biking in Sunnyside ATV Paradise, Macon, Georgia USA

Terrain size / type:
1 mi² / 2.6 km² / forest
Trails length:
50 mi / 80.5 km
350 - 450 ft / 107 - 137 m
Loose dirt, mostly hard pack, intersections, sand pits, berms, large and small jumps, steep hills, trees, dust, sand, chalk mines, mud bogs, woods trails, swamps
Per rider
Macon is situated in central Georgia, USA. It is part of the Macon metropolitan area and was founded at the fall line of the Ocmulgee River. Macon belongs to Bibb County and is the county seat. Nicknamed as the Heart of Georgia, it is one of the most popular spots for off road sports.

An ATV park near Macon is, as its name suggests, a sunny ATV paradise. Sunnyside ATV Park is opened during weekends from 9 am to dusk. The forest terrain is 1 mi²/2.6 km², it covers 50 mi/80.5 km of trails and sits at an elevation of 350 to 450 ft/107 to 137 m.

The amazing, ultra popular terrain consists of loose dirt, mostly hard pack, some intersections, a few sand pits, berms, large and small jumps, a few steep hills, many trees, dust and sand. The park also offers chalk mines, mud bogs, woods trails and swamps. Due to the popularity of the park, the drivers’ traffic is big, so please be very careful.

The park is mostly suitable for amateurs, some novices and little experts. Riding is not for free, as there is a fee per rider. Camping, parking and entering the facility are free though. Helmets are required and a concession stand is provided. It is suggested to spend at least a full day, in order to enjoy riding in the dirt. Bear in mind that it is essential to call before you haul.