Quad Biking in Abzakovo, Beloretsky District, Republic of Bashkortostan Russia

Abzakovo is a rural locality situated in Beloretsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan in Russia. A ski resort of the same name is situated in the vicinity.

Vacationing in winter and summer gets new dimensions in the Abzakovo Ski Resort. It is a multi recreational area, where you can enjoy many things including some extreme sports. One of them getting great rates is excursions with a quad bike or as it is also known ATV.

With this kind of holidays you can achieve the relaxation you are looking for, admiring the amazing beautiful frozen or not landscapes and you can spend quality time recharging your batteries, your good mood and positive emotions.

Using your quad on dry or wet land and on snow gives you the ability to burst your feelings and be free of any burden, giving you a bad mood and making you feel depressed. By riding your quad bike out in the nature, no matter the season, you can breath the fresh air and smell the intoxicating smells of the flora, vanishing every problem. The area is full of greenery and fluffy white snow in winter.

This is a kind of snow that you will never meet in a city. You have a choice of guided quad tours or rent a quad and get out there by your own. Whatever you choose, every ride becomes a memorable experience. The thrills of the trip include the weight of the quad and a lot of adrenaline. It creates an amazing sense of freedom, speed and the wind on your face. The choices are many.

You can ride your ATV on paved trails that run through the woods, crossing twice the river Kizil, four times the creek and at the end of the route, you can expect the long ascent of the mountain. The other route is the long one and lasts about 2 hours. It is totally worth it though, because you go up the lighthouse and at a glance you can see the whole city of metallurgists, the Magnitogorsk itself.

Or maybe choose the ride during which you repeatedly cross the river Small Dogwood, or the 14 lakes that appear in front of you at a glance, if you choose the route during which you climb 1008 m/3307 ft up to Mount Beacon or Kurkak.

After one of these or maybe all of these routes, the only feeling left is action. This is an impression that you will have for a long time after this thrilling quad ride.