Quad Biking in Coney Flats, Boulder, Colorado USA

14.2 mi/23 km
Longmont is located northeast of the county seat of Boulder, about 31 mi/49.9 km north-northwest of the Colorado state capitol in Denver. It is a home rule municipality in Boulder, Weld Counties in the U.S. state of Colorado.

It is an easy going community only 16 mi/25.8 km away from Boulder. One of the most popular sports in Boulder is quad biking. A great place to quad bike is Coney Flats. It is a 14.2 mi/23 km mile trail. There are two points of access, one from CO 96, where the mark on the highway says Boy Scout camp and the second is near Peaceful valley at the Camp Dick turn off.

CO 96 is recommended, because it has free parking and you pass a dirt road. If you choose Camp Dick, you face a very technical and difficult ride to the top. The dirt road is about 3 mi/4.8 km long and you ride it through a burned forest. Plantation is rising again and some black trees are left as scars.

When you get on the trail, there are 4 technical mi/6.4 km in the forest. Forwardly the forest breaks and you get in Sawtooth. There are several water crossings on the way and after reaching the top the view is spectacular. Take a moment to enjoy the view and ride down again on a severe, technical and steep sections, downhill trail.

There are 4 more water crossings and lots of smooth gravel. Exit the Camp Dick trailhead and continue on the paved road until peak-to-peak highway. Then turn right and ride the cranking up hill, on paved road for about 2 mi/3.2 km, before you get to where you started. Trail level is regarding physical level, difficult and as for technical level, difficult too.