Snowboarding in Golden Dolina Ski Resort, St. Petersburg, Oblast of Leningrad Russia

Vertical drop:
105 m/344.5 ft
Longest run:
800 m/2625 ft
Saint Petersburg is a city situated on the Neva river, at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. The federal subject of Saint Petersburg has its name changed three times, from Saint Petersburg to Petrograd, then Leningrad and back to Saint Petersburg.

St. Petersburg, hosting tones of snow every year, offers the ideal conditions for snowboarding. If you are an amateur snowboarder and you can’t wait for the snow to fill the slopes, there is a resort for you, where snow covers the spot already early in October.

Golden Dolina Ski Resort or Zolotaya Dolina Ski Resort is a great snowboarding area that offers about 12 tracks to all winter sports enthusiasts. These tracks are of different difficulty and split into 1 track for novices, 2 for intermediate, 5 for advanced and 3 for expert snowboarders.

The lifts, serving the resort, are 6 chairlifts, with one track serving beginners being free of charge. One of the biggest attractions of the resort is the halfpipe that along with the snowpark create the perfect conditions for freestyle snowboarding.

Many competitions are being held in this amazing area that features one professional half pipe, Big-Air, rail and a fun box, all imitations of real life urban buildings. Another great opportunity that is offered is night snowboarding on illuminated trails.

The area is very organized with many amenities, such as restaurants, cafes and nightlife, equipment rentals and repairs and snow cannons that all together create the ideal conditions for snowboarding with friends or even alone for many days in a row.