Surfing in Bradenton Beach, Tampa, Florida USA

Skill level:
Advanced surfers
Swell size:
3ft/1m up to 12ft/4m
Tampa is a big city, located near Mexico Gulf, on the west coast of Florida. It is surrounded by two bodies of water that flow into the Gulf of Mexico, offering a subtropical climate, hot humid days during summer with frequent thunderstorms and light freezes during winter.

The city is very well organized in regard to activities and recreational parks. According to Forbes magazine, it is the 5th best outdoor city in the United States. Bradenton Beach is located in Anna Maria Island, an amazing tropical paradise, situated at just few miles away from Tampa.

With a wide open beach with sugar sand and amazing turquoise waters, this place is the perfect location for surfing. As it is an exposed beach/Pier break, it has a regional classic wave quality with regular frequency. The wave takes both right and left directions and is powerful and fun to ride. The size of the swell starts working from 3 ft/1 m and can hold up to 12 ft/4 m and more, while the best wind direction is when coming from Northwest.

Bradenton Beach is suitable for experienced surfers only. During the summer season, the tropical storm Debby affects the exposed shores of Anna Maria Island, providing perfect conditions for some extra excitement. However, the best season to surf the spot is during winter. Surfers should be careful of piers, sharks and rip currents.