Free Diving in Volusia Blue Spring, Daytona Beach, Florida USA

Maximum depth:
Water temperature:
72°F /22°C
Daytona Beach is located in Volusia County and is famous world wide among the race fans for the Daytona International Speedway. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the city hosts an amazing coastline and beautiful sandy beaches, attracting visitors from all over the states. It is also known for the hard packed sand on which you can drive your vehicle and visit restricted areas.

With a humid subtropical climate, the average temperatures during summer are 90°F/33°C with brief tropical storms and the average temperatures during winter are 70°F/21°C with light freezes.

Volusia Blue Spring is located within the Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, just within few miles away from Daytona Beach, being considered to be an amazing spot for free diving. This fresh water spring flows toward the St. John river through dense oak and palm tree forest and is home to a growing population of  West Indian Manatees and many more wildlife animals.

The diving spot is located on a circular spring pool and it is surrounded by steep sandy banks. Once you get in the water, there is a large cave that angles into a room and drops down at a depth of 121.4 ft/37 m. Visibility is good and varies from 32 ft/10 m to 98 ft/30 m. The deeper you go, the stronger the current becomes and if you reach the maximum depth, there are singes warning you not to proceed any further.

Free diving at the Volusia Blue Spring cave is suitable for advanced and professional divers only. The park is open daily from 8:00 am and you have to check in and register beforehand in order to dive. The spring run is very important for the survival of the manatees and diving is not allowed during the breeding season (November the 15th until March). There are also camping facilities in the park. Respect the natural environment and if you come across a manatee, don’t get closer than 50 ft/15 m because these are wild animals and can get scared. Divers should be careful of the strong spring current.