Scuba Diving in Blue Grotto, Tampa, Florida USA

Maximum depth:
Water temperature:
71.6°F /22°C
Tampa is a big city located near Mexico Gulf, on the west coast of Florida. It is surrounded by two bodies of water that flow into the Gulf of Mexico, offering a subtropical climate, with hot humid days during summer and light freezes during winter.

The city is very well organized in regard to activities and recreational parks. According to Forbes magazine, it is the 5th best outdoor city in the United States. Not far from the city of Tampa, an incredible cavern system is located and it is called the Blue Grotto.

This natural wonder is the perfect destination for cave diving as it is a fresh water sinkhole that reaches a maximum depth of 100 ft/30.4 m. Once you are in the water, there are three platforms in open water and after that, a 20 ft/6 m wide cavern. At a depth of 30 ft/9 m, you will come across a fresh air bell, supplied constantly by a compressor and has room for up to six divers.

The temperature of the water is 71.6°F /22°C all year round with excellent visibility, especially early in the morning. There are many fish living in the cave such as sunfish, crayfish and catfish as well as turtles and many interesting sections to explore and admire the way the sunlight beams  invade the caverns.

Blue Grotto is a breathtaking dive, suitable only for divers holding an open water certification. Respect the environment and wildlife and if you are not an experienced diver, do not cross the yellow line that extents along the cavern, because the bottom of the sinkhole is silty and can get dangerous.  It is best to book an organized dive and enjoy safely this truly exciting adventure. You can dive this spot all year round.