Caving / Spelunking in ”Grotte di Beatrice Cenci”, Avezzano, Abruzzo Italy

Open :
Summer period; 10h-12h & 15h-18h
Hall ''Le Firme'':
8m/3.2ft high
Abruzzo region, in central Italy, is a great destination for the enthusiast of speleology and spelunking.

Due to the geological conditions, the composition of the rocks and the morphology of the Apennines zone, the region hosts quite many and very interesting caves. Located in the municipality of Cappadocia, at 22 km/13.6 mi in the west of Avenzzano, this cavities date back to Bronze Age.

In the main cave, there have been discovered human bone rests and testimonies since Neolithic period. The cave named by a noble Roman of the fourteenth century which lived in the area. The outside of the cave presents remarkable vegetation due to partly to elevated humidity in the interior of the cave.

In the vicinity of this cave, we can meet the natural sinkhole Ovido Verrecchie, with its impressive abyss of 300m/984ft. Shortly after the central hall, called ‘Le Firme’, the Marcello well is formed with a depth of 48 m/157 ft and 15 m/49 ft wide. The hall continues for another 23 m/75.4 ft downwards. The underground pond forms a spectacular waterfall where starts a second well, the Grande Scivollo, with a depth of 26 m/85.3 ft. At the end of the well it is formed a wide and high chamber which is paved with rocks and debris. On the opposite side from the Grande Scivollo, a narrow tunnel is identified, entirely formed by calcite.  Trail facilities operate till afternoon.