Motocross in Torres Vedras Tracks, Lisbon, Lisbon and Coast Portugal

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Best season:
All year round
Torres Vedras is a beautiful ancient city, located in the western part of Lisbon district. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean with more than 20 km/12.4 mi long of coastline, amazing sandy beaches surrounded by mountainous landscapes with wide open space, the city provides with many outdoor and recreational activities.

In 2011, the city received the Quality Coast Gold Award for becoming a sustainable destination for tourism. For those who are into motocross and enduro riding, this is the ideal location. The spot offers a wide variety of marked trails and various terrain types to choose from such as sand, mud or rocks.

Depending on the trail you choose to ride, you go through rough forest roads or long and bumpy sandy landscapes. If you are a beginner or you simply wish to improve your skills, you can arrange lessons and let the experienced instructors introduce you to the enduro world, elaborating a training plan that fits best to your skills and capacities.

You can also make a reservation for guided tours if you are not familiar with the area and discover it by yourself while riding on a strong and fun to ride enduro bike. Torres Vedras is a great location for extreme motor sports, having hosted in the past many enduro World Championships with great success. So wait no longer, pack your bags and good spirit and plan a visit in the sunny region of Torres Vedras for an extreme holiday adventure.