Skate Boarding in Terria Skatepark, Lincoln, Nebraska USA

Riding surface:
The City of Lincoln is the capital of the state of Nebraska and the second-most populous city after Omaha. It is also the county seat of Lancaster County and the home of the University of Nebraska.

Lincoln gives you the opportunity to enjoy yourself in many ways. One of them, which is highly recommended, is the exercise of amazing skateboarding in the famous and full of challenge Terria Skatepark.

Terria Skatepark provides the right conditions for an exciting activity. It is an outside skatepark with mixed riding surface. Thanks to its nice construction and very grindable features, the park is the best choice for all skateboarding enthusiasts.

The park is consisted of two rails, one round double kinked and one flat, 4 ft/1.22 m spine, a launch box, a huge bank and a big quarter pipe. There are also two ledges (one big and one small) that run with the fun boxes. The fact that the park is never crowded will be really appreciated by all skateboarders.

With these conditions, it is certain that Terria Skatepark won’t disappoint you!