Mountain Biking in Calvin Crest, Fremont, Nebraska USA

Trail length:
6.44 km / 4 mi
Fremont is a city in and the county seat of Dodge County, Nebraska, United States. It is situated near Omaha in the eastern part of the state.

If you ever visit Nebraska, a stopover at Fremont is well worth it. And if you want to combine pleasure with adventure, a visit at Calvin Crest is worth a shot too. Here you can admire the natural beauty and exercise a perfect Mountain Biking.

It is a 6.44 km / 4 mi long single track with loop configuration. The park is addressed mostly to intermediate rides. Calvin Crest mountain biking trail is situated on the Platte River. The trail starts at the top of the bluff and rolls down to a center spine of cedars, which are approximately 1.6 km / 1 mi in length. Continue your activity out to the top of the buff, where 5 switchbacks take riders down the bluff face to the river bottom.

At the bottom, there is a 9.14 m/30 ft cable suspension bridge that makes your activity more challenging. The trail continues along the Platte River and leads you to the mystery and beautiful nature of Fremont. So, if you choose to visit Nebraska, now you know which place will make Mountain Biking an unforgettable experience.