Surfing in Sea Island, Waycross, Ware County, Georgia USA

Type / direction of wave:
Beach break / right and left
Best wind direction:
Best swell direction:
Tides / tide movements:
Mid and high / rising
Private beach:
Waycross is the only incorporated city and county seat in Ware County, Georgia, USA. It is the principal city of the Waycross area, a cosmopolitan area which covers Ware and Pierce County. A small section of Waycross is inside Pierce County. There are many leisure opportunities around the city and especially extreme sports possibilities.

One sport that residents prefer is surfing and the best place to surf is in Sea island beach, only at an hour drive distance in the east of  Waycross. The beach is perfect for surfing so if you are an ambitious surfer, you will have to sneak through the hotel there in order to get to the beach. You can park by the bridge before you get to the island.

It is easy to find the spot, just bear in mind that it is a private beach, so please be kind enough if anyone from the security tries to talk to you. It’s worth the trouble though. The waves are usually very clean and if there is a tide or storm, they are just great. The beach-break waves come from both directions, right and left, disrupting the sand in the bottom of the sea.

The wave’s quality is normal and on usual days, it is short but powerful, approximately at 50 m / 164 ft long. On good days, it can reach up to 150 m / 492 ft in length though. The wave is inconsistent so there is no particular season pattern. The ideal winds are blowing from the northwest. Optimum swell direction is from the east and waves just as likely from distant groundswells and local wind-swells.

The location and the type of the wave mean that it is never crowded. Only a few insane surfers that want to dominate the waves. Tides at the spot are mid and high and their best movement is rising. Note that you should beware of rocks. It is a supreme spot for surfing, you should definitely try it!