Supercross in Mitchell Run – Outback SX, Hazlehurst, Jeff Davis County, Georgia USA

Red Clay / sand
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Hazlehurst is situated in southeast Georgia, USA. It lies between the borders of Jeff Davis, Bacon and Appling counties but its main part belongs to Jeff Davis County. Hazlehurst is the county seat of Jeff Davis County with a population that continuously rises up. The city and its surroundings are perfect for off road sports which make them extremely popular in the area.

Just outside Hazlehurst, you will a find a super cool man-made super-cross track. In general, Hazlehurst and Georgia have many off road opportunities with countless terrains, attracting all kind of insane riders who want to feed each other with their dust.

The particular track, Mitchell Run – Outback SX is the perfect place for super-cross riders to contest or practice in order to perfect their techniques. The track is covered with red clay and sand which gives another meaning of free running with these huge motors. The trail has a lot of turns and looks like a curled snake from above.

Amenities that are offered around the track are bathrooms, camping and concession stand, loading ramp, parts and gear, picnic tables, seating’s and showers. Because there are hours of operation, it is essential to call first before driving down the track.

Combining all these amenities next to the track, you can compose the perfect weekend, practice or races and fun with your friends! Enjoy!