Caving / Spelunking in Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky USA

Size of the park:
52830 ac / 213.80 km²
Size of the cave:
400 mi / 643 km
Mammoth Cave National Park is a U.S National Park, located in central Kentucky. The park covers an area of 52830 ac / 213.80 km², located in Edmonson County, Kentucky with small areas in Hart County and Barren County. Mammoth Cave National Park encompasses portions of Mammoth Cave that is the longest cave system known in the world.

Today, Mammoth Cave has become the National Park’s core of interest. It is undoubtedly a rich nature heritage that no one should ever miss visiting. A tour in this highly sought after cave will feed both your soul and mind with a unique experience. Mammoth Cave is for everyone. The National Park Service offers the chance to have a well organized tour around the largest cave of the planet.

The National Park Service guidance will deliver many interesting information about the formation of the cave, as well as its history. Visitors from every corner of the earth, all interested in such an adventure, visit this cave and admire this eerie beauty in more than 400 mi / 643 km of interconnected passages. During your tour in the cave you will come across some species of bats such as Indiana bat, Gray bat, Little brown bat, Big brown bat and the Eastern pipistrelle bat.

Furthermore, visitors are advised to always have a jacket with them, as the temperature of the cave will remind them that they are located deep in the ground. Don’t also forget to wear shoes with nonskid soles. Be aware that to explore Mammoth Cave, you will need about 6 hrs. During these hours you will pass through the famous routes of this Cave.

Frozen Niagara Tour is a route that is addressed mostly to those who want to avoid walking long hours. This route lasts about 1 1/4 hrs and its distance is 1/4 mi / 0.4 km. It has 12 stairs in total and is considered as an easy route.

The Historic Tour route lasts about 2 hrs and its distance is 2 mi /3 km. It has 440 stairs and is considered as a decent route. The Historic Tour is an ideal option for a family trip.

Domes and Dripstones Tour includes numerous domes and pits. It lasts 2 hrs and its distance is 3/4 mi/ 1.2 km. With 500 stairs in total, it is considered as a decent route.

Gothic Avenue Tour is one of the most historically significant passages in the cave. Its lasts 2 hrs and its distance is 1 mi / 1.6 km. It includes 230 stairs and is a moderate route.

The Wild Cave Tour is addressed to all those who want to broaden their horizons, need to add some challenge to reach and have an adventurous tour. Here you will see the “wild” places of the cave, and you can climb, crawl, squeeze and hike.

The majority of visitors find themselves in this cave mostly during summer months. However, be completely sure that whenever you visit this spot you will enjoy a lifetime experience!!!