Quad Biking in Pike State Forest APV Area, Sinking Spring, Ohio USA

Trails length:
10 mi/16 km
Climate type:
Sinking Spring is a village situated in Highland County, Ohio, USA. It is a very small village near Cincinnati in northern Ohio.

Just outside this small picturesque village, you will come across one awesome opportunity to ride in the dirt, in an amazing off road area that attracts a lot of quad bike enthusiasts, Pike State Forest APV Area. It is a grid of trails tied to each other, making this place a big dusty maze.

The 10 mi/16 km trails are situated inside a forest and offer plenty of scenic views and a small novice play area. The entire terrain is 2 mi²/5.1 km² that consists of trails with loose dirt at most parts, some hard pack, some mud and little dust and rocks.

The area is mostly suitable for amateurs, but has something for everyone, so no matter your experience level, you will have a lot of fun riding on your quad bike. Some sections are rough and steep, making them perfect for advanced riders. The trail system is open from April 1 until November 30 and is frequently patrolled.

There are some limitations you should bear in mind. There is a noise limit, a spark arresting silencer or an end cap are mandatory for all vehicles, maximum vehicle width is 50 in/127 cm, due to gates or posts and also helmets are required. Camping is prohibited in all areas.

Pike State Forest APV Area is a place, where you can enjoy pure dust riding on your quad bike!