Skydiving in Western Airport, Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria Austria

Jump height:
14000 ft/4267 m
Free fall duration:
1 min
Free fall speed:
More than 130 mph/209 kph
5-7 min
Wiener Neustadt is a town which is situated in the south of Vienna, within the state of Lower Austria in the northeastern Austria. The city is self-governed and is the seat of the district administration in Wiener Neustadt Land. Wiener Neustadt and its surroundings are famous due to their sporting activity.

In Wiener Neustadt, there is a lot of air sporting activity. Especially at the airport of Wiener Neustadt West (an old military airport), skydiving is being practiced almost every weekend! When the airport was operational, it was the oldest and biggest grass – only airport in Europe. In order to skydive, all you need before you jump off the plane is a brief introduction of about 30 minutes, put on your equipment and off you go!

When the aircraft reaches at a height of 14000 ft /4267 m above the ground, make a last checking on your equipment and then jump off to freedom. The free fall lasts about a minute and if you fly on a group, you have the opportunity to shape formations. While free falling, you cover almost 130 mph/209 kph which is totally nuts!

At about 4921 ft /1500 m, you or your tandem master will launch the gigantic parachute and the relaxed part of your adventure is where begins. The glide will last about 5-7 minutes and you will admire the amazing beauty of the surroundings of Wiener Neustadt. Then you will land safely and smoothly in front of loved ones and spectators.

The main season lasts from March to November but in summer you can skydive almost every day! So don’t waste any more time, book a flight now to live the experience of a lifetime.