Skydiving in Wels Airport, Wels, Upper Austria Austria

Jumping height:
3700 m/12139 ft
Free fall duration:
50 seconds
Gliding time:
10 minutes
Age limit:
Wels is located in the north of Austria, just on the Traun River near Linz but is not part of its surrounding Wels County. It is however the county seat of Wels – Land. Wels is the second largest city in Upper Austria which gives many opportunities for leisure and of course extreme sports performances.

Air sports are very popular in the Wels area. Skydiving in particular is extremely popular among people who want to fly! The whole area is indicated for skydiving so get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

At first you get a short mandatory briefing, put on your equipment and get on the plane. For the next 20 endless minutes, where you are about to reach an altitude of 3700 m /12139 ft above the ground, you can feel your heartbeat getting faster as the critical moment to jump off comes closer to you. One last check on the equipment and off you go! You are flying!

The amazing free fall will last about 50 seconds and then you or your tandem master will launch the gigantic parachute. For the next 10 minutes, you will be hanged together, gliding silently over the magnificent scenery of the Austrian fields. Landing is sitting in order to avoid a stumble.

There is no age limit. The oldest skydiver was an 84 years old woman! However, it is recommended that you are in a good physical condition and wear comfortable clothes and sport shoes. You should definitely try this amazing unforgettable experience.