Skysurfing in Wels Airport, Wels, Upper Austria Austria

Jumping height:
3700 m/12139 ft
Free fall duration:
A minute
Gliding time:
10 minutes
Previously experience:
At least 100 skydiving flights
Wels is located in the north of Austria, just on the Traun River near Linz but is not part of its surrounding Wels County. It is however the county seat of Wels – Land. Wels is the second largest city in Upper Austria which gives many opportunities for leisure and of course extreme sports performances.

If you love air sports but want something more distinguished than skydiving, then sky-surfing is the sport you are looking for and Wels the right place to do it! Generally, there are not many places where you can sky-surf as the board can easily get lost while flying so it is very dangerous.

That’s why one of the requirements for you to sky-surf is that you already have a skydiving experience of at least 100 flights. As the term suggests, Sky-surfing is done with a board that is similar to a snowboard and smaller than a surf board. If you have any trouble handling the board while you are flying, the board can be dissolved because it is strapped by a security bond on your feet, in case of emergency.

The beginning and the ending are similar to skydiving. The only but big difference is in-between at the free fall time. After you follow a mandatory Sky-surfing course, you put on your equipment and get on the plane. When you reach an altitude of 3700 m /12139 ft above the ground, you jump off the plane and that’s where the fun begins!

Due to the increased air resistance from the board, you can perform similar figures of freestyles with more intensity. Spins on the axis and the headlong flight surfing on the board are just some of the possibilities. After a busy minute, the parachute opens and then you can relax admiring the breathtaking view, just unable to believe what just happened.

Then you will land safely, saving for the rest of your life this incredible experience. Or experiences? It is up to you to do it again if you dare…