Climbing Walls in Palfau, Linz, Upper Austria Austria

Climbing tower and walls
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Linz is situated in the north center of Austria, at about 30 km /19 mi in the south of the Czech border, lying on both sides of river Danube. It is the third largest city in Austria and the capital of the state of Upper Austria. One of the things the city is famous about is the arts scene and the vibrant music. Apart from these, it is a sporting paradise where many athletes can find their sport of choice.

Palfau is located in the north of Linz. Climbing Walls is a very popular sport in Palfau. There are a climbing tower and walls placed as an outdoors facility, offering ideal opportunities for rock climbing on an artificial wall. There are many courses available.

In the half day course at the main backup node, the top rope climbing back up the partner and the basics of climbing technique are mediated. So there are no worries if you are a novice climber. There are 20 different climbing routes with various difficulty levels and scales to choose from.

The duration of the climbing tour, if you decide to try most of the walls, is about 4 hours. The necessary equipment is provided so all you have to bring is sportswear according to the weather. Booking is mandatory beforehand so call now!