Climbing Walls in Kletterhalle, Wels, Upper Austria Austria

Total area length:
1200 m²/12917 ft²
Wels is located in the north of Austria, just on Traun River near Linz but is not part of its surrounding Wels County. It is however the county seat of Wels – Land. Wels is the second largest city in Upper Austria which gives many opportunities for leisure and of course extreme sports performances.

One very popular sport in Wels is Indoor Rock Climbing. Kletterhalle in Wels attracts a lot of ambitious climbers that don’t want or are too afraid of getting out in the nature. It is a 1200 m² / 12917 ft² terrain where  approximately 220 routes can be climbed indoors.

On the top of each route, a chain with two diametrically opposed suspended carbines and partially an Express helping carbines is available. In total, there are 65 security lines. The 3 tower routes can be climbed at a height of 9 m / 29.6 ft. Both A and C towers are 9 m / 29.6 ft high, the A tower has imitation rock and the C tower has a 9 m / 29.6 ft high crack.

On the B tower, you will find ropes spreading on the 9 m / 29.6 ft high tower, where, once you reach the top, you find yourself in a Dom. On the left of the Dom, you have the opportunity to climb on a 15 m / 49.2 ft high climbing wall and on the left of the Dom, there is a high lead climbing of 15 m / 49.2 ft length and 6.5 m / 21.3 ft high.

Some of the other features include a rock structure which has a plan for self securing with mobile securing, a podium of 7 m / 22.1 ft high for rappelling or mountain rescue exercises, a climbing with 30 m / 98 ft length and rope bridge across the hall, one top rope wall with 9 m / 29.6 ft length and 6 m / 19.8 ft height.

Additionally, there are 16 fixed ropes to the top climb with about 42 climbing routes bases footprint, a climbing gym of 390 m² / 4198 ft² floor area, a boulder room on the first floor of 139 m² / 1496 ft² area and a 491 m² / 5285 ft² wall manufacturer Walltopia, DCD and Sport Thieme.

It is a pretty cool climbing area that you should definitely need to visit and challenge your climbing skills.