Skydiving in Mysore Airport, Mysore, Karnataka India

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Exit point altitude:
10000 ft/3048 m to 14500 ft/4420 m
Free fall speed:
120 mph/193 kph
N12°13.75' / E76°39.50'
Mysore, the third largest city in Karnataka is a unique place, nestled at the base of the Chamundi Hills, only 90 mi/146 km away from Bangalore. The cultural capital of South Karnataka boasts amazing palaces and festivities taking place during the period of Dasara that attract a large number of tourists.

As it is considered to be among the top destination cities in the world, Mysore offers various attractions and recreational activities to its visitors, as well as high adrenaline sports. Skydiving is definitely one of them!

Mysore Airport, also widely known as Mandakalli Airport is the city’s airport and has an asphalt runway of 6098 ft/1858 m long. Once you get in the turbine aircraft, you will reach a height of up to 10000 ft/3048 m to 14500 ft/4420 m, depending on the weather conditions and your experience, while enjoying incredible views.

When you jump off the airplane, the speed of free falling reaches up to 120 mph/193 kph. Once your parachute opens, you will be floating for about five minutes before you land safely on the landing spot.

Suitable for beginners too, as tandem jumps are conducted by experienced skydiving instructors and all gear is available on spot. This is a truly thrilling adventure and an amazing way to get bird’s eye views of the Mysore city and the nature around it. You can skydive all year round. However advanced booking is required and good weather conditions are a must. So come and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!!!