Skydiving in Ocana, Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha Spain

Max Feet:
13000 ft/3962 m
2 Pilatus Porter (PC-6 B2 H4)
USPA Membership Required:
AAD Required:
Ocana is a town in the province of Toledo, located on the north side of the plain Mesa de Ocana. It lies in between Aranjuez and Villatobas cities. The town is surrounded by the ruined walls and remains of a destroyed castle.

After about a minute of free-fall, at 1500 ft/457.20 m above the ground, you can open the parachute to enjoy a magnificent flight of 5 minutes until the landing zone of Ocana. Skydiving at Ocana is very easy to reach from Madrid or Toledo, making it a wonderful spot for quick excursions from the city.

To become a skydiver there are accelerated free-fall courses. The AFF course (Accelerated Freefall) is designed to get you started in skydiving from scratch. After seven jumps, you’ll be able to jump yourself.

This training was first used in the 80s and is regarded worldwide as the most effective way to introduce you the sport. A few days of maximum expected adrenaline, during which you will learn to free fall safely. At the zone you will find all the equipment needed for your dive.